Relaxing Pillow Mist


✨ Drift into Dreamland with Relaxing Pillow Mist ✨

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Welcome to our Brand New Belle âme range.  Proudly named by our Affiliate Team

Unveil the magic of serene slumber with our all-natural pillow mists, thoughtfully blended with essential oils to create a tranquil haven for your dreams. 💤🌿

🌸 Lavender: Wrap yourself in peace and calm, leaving your body relaxed and your mind soothed. 😴🌾 🌸 Chamomile: A gentle embrace of relaxation, for a clear and tranquil mind. 🌼🧘‍♀️ 🌸 Clary Sage: The key to relaxation and waving goodbye to restlessness. 🍃✌️ 🌸 Geranium: Elevate your mood and find balance with this relaxing scent. 🌞🌸 🌸 Bergamot: Drift into a serene haven, where body and mind find solace. 🌌🍊

💫 A few spritzes on your pillow, and let the enchanting scent guide you into a peaceful slumber. ✨

Warning: Clary Sage should not be used during pregnancy. Safety always comes first! 🚫🤰

Elevate your bedtime ritual and experience the bliss of Relaxing Pillow Mist. Sweet dreams await! 💫🌙 #SleepSerenity #BedtimeBliss #DreamlandJourney


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