Love And Truth Chakra Bath Fizzer’s Sets


Chakra Bath Fizzers Sets are designed to strengthen specific aspects of your well-being and inner balance.

Each Chakra Fizzer is crafted with a specially chosen essential oils to unblock and harmonize each of the body’s vital energy centres. Ideal for those seeking a holistic approach to self-care or as a unique gift for loved ones.

These sets are not just a sensory experience; it’s a holistic celebration of mind, body, and spirit, and each fizzer is a vibrant fusion of nature’s gifts and the art of aromatherapy.Packed in a gift box decorated with a mandala pattern and soothing gradient of chakra colours to reflect the holistic character of the product.


Love and Truth – Chakra Bath Bombs. These Chakra bath fizzers are designed to help you to unlock their chakras. Truth – Love – Personal Power

Throat Chakra Fizzer (BLUE) with Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oil blend that can work wonders. Eucalyptus oil is believed to encourage honest expression and fosters a sense of openness in verbal interactions. Lemon oil, on the other hand, promotes mental clarity and boosts confidence in expressing oneself. Using the Throat Chakra Fizzer in a bath can create a refreshing and invigorating experience, allowing the Throat Chakra to flourish and enabling you to communicate with authenticity, assertiveness, and grace.

Heart Chakra Fizzer (GREEN) with Chamomile and Grapefruit essential oils which offer a delightful combination to nurture and balance the centre of love, compassion, and emotional well-being By using this fizzer in a bath you can create a harmonious environment for your Heart Chakra to flourish. The combination of Camomile and Grapefruit essential oils encourages self-love, empathy, and healthier connections with others, fostering a balanced and compassionate heart space.

Solar Plexus Chakra Fizzer (YELLOW) with Ylang Ylang essential oil which has the remarkable ability to promote inner harmony and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. By soothing the nervous system. it can helps to alleviate tension and allows the energy of the Plexus Chakra to flow freely. By using this fizzer in a bath you can enhance the well-being of your Plexus Chakra. Embrace a sense of personal power and emotional stability as you find a deeper connection with your inner self and confidently navigate life’s challenges.



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