EMS Abdomen Muscle Stimulator



1. EMS Trainer can help you tone, tighten and firm your abdomen that you’ve always wanted!
2. Self-training at home, in the gym and office.
3. Ergonomic pad design enables great adhesiveness to the abdomen.
4. Electrical stimulation of the abdomen muscles.

Operation Steps:
1. Slide the battery cover off.
2. Install battery correctly.
3. Attach the device onto the abdomen pad.
4. Remove the storage sheet.
5. Position the pad onto your abdomen.
6. Press the “power” button to turn on.
7. Press the “power” button to choose your modes.
8. Press the “+” button to increase intensity or “-” button to decrease the intensity.

1. Material: Plastic /Silicone
2. Colour: Black&Orange
3. Weight: 157g
4. Package: No package


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