Chakra Pendant Kit


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Use the guide on the back of the gift box to help you choose which stone you want to wear in your Chakra pendant each day. The Chakra pendant kit comes with all 7 Chakra stones which can be worn interchangeably inside the caged pendant.

You can also use the crystals outside of the pendant for full body Chakra healing and treatment…

  • Quartz: Overall balance of the Chakra system
  • Amethyst: It is concerned with understanding knowledge and mental organising
  • Sodalite: Communication, personal expression and the flow of information
  • Green Quartz: Deals with relationships and personal development
  • Citrine: Helps give self confidence and personal power
  • Agate: Its functions are creativity, feelings and sexual drive
  • Hematite: It gives stability, energy distribution and physical survival


as our crystals are all natural and unique, the product may differ slightly from the image..


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Stress Less, Confidence Boost, Concentration


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