Balance of Nature T-Light Holder


This stunning guardian of the forest is adorned with a network of blossoming branches that embrace her form. Her hair cascades into a thick canopy of leaves as she tilts her head towards the sky, offering gratitude to the forest gods. 🌳🕯️



Bring the tranquility of the forest into your space with our Balance of Nature T-Light Holder! 🌿

Crafted with the utmost care, this piece is cast in high-quality resin and then meticulously hand-painted to capture every intricate detail.

With room for two standard tealights, it creates a tranquil display of natural beauty that’s perfect for those who cherish their connection with nature. 🌲✨

Illuminate your space and honor the forest protector with our #BalanceOfNature T-Light Holder. 🌟 #NatureLovers #HomeDecor #TranquilBeauty #ForestGuardian


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