Abundance Spell Set


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  • Money Room/Body Spray – Money Room + Body Spray: All organic blend of waters, Cedar Leaf + Peppermint Essential Oils for a fragrant, cleansing scent. Made in house and charged with Citrine, bringing abundance to you + your space.
  • Abundance Ritual Salt Spell Blend –Hand blended, all organic + sustainably sourced; mix of salt, sage, cedar leaf + rose of jericho. Best used after smoke cleansing in doorways or windows or in spell preparation. Works to bring abundance any forms to your doorstep! Not for consumption.
  • Pyrite Mariposa Necklace – Our Unique Mariposa Range are all handmade on the Amazon Basin in Iquitos Peru and have been blessed by a Peruvian Shaman. All of our Mariposa Necklaces are unique with their own design/markings and shapes – each set will be unique

    Pyrite Properties:Pyrite is an excellent stone for attracting wealth and prosperity – don’t let the name of fool’s gold misguide you. If you want to use Pyrite to attract wealth you can place a piece in your purse so its abundant energy calls in wealth. You can also place it in your work space so it can help you attract new business. Another way of using Pyrite to grow your wealth is to set that intention with the stone in hand.


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